12 Week Weight Loss Program

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How do I get started losing weight?

The most crucial point is to just get started – and right now is as good a time as any. It’s easy to put it off because life is busy.  There’s always something holding us back from starting, the next day blurs into the day after and the weight loss never happens. But if you think about it, when is life not busy? The most important piece of advice if you want to lose weight is to start now!


When was the last time you checked your Body Mass Index, BMI? You can check your body mass index here. If your BMI is in the overweight range, we select the right program and aim to achieve a weight that puts your BMI in the healthy range. If it is in the obese range, aim to lose between 5% and 10% of your starting weight and evaluate from there. But don’t stress, we have the perfect exercise plan for weight loss. This weight loss exercise plan is straightforward to follow with my full support.


There are many well-known weight loss diet plans available on the internet promising every quick weight loss fix within a few weeks (and some even days), but they are not sustainable, and the weight is put on again afterward.


It is also having the right mindset that counts in this journey. I’ll have you train so that working out becomes second nature and fun to do; if you develop healthy habits early on, you’ll be more inclined to stick to them, and you’ll be able to keep the weight off. Many people start crazy for their first two weeks and fall back into their old routine. My clients love training with me because the programs are varied, you will not get bored, I promise you!

What will you get in my 12 weight loss workout program ?

My unique 12-week weight loss workout program is designed to help you achieve your weight goals and feel more energetic. You’ll enjoy more restful sleep, a self-confidence boost, extra energy, and an improved mood. You will feel and look fabulous, energetic, and happier each day. So what are you waiting for? Order your program NOW!


We've made things simple for you

All your workouts and recipes are delivered online. All our programs are designed with weight loss in mind making it easier for you to achieve extraordinary results. You will have full support, accountability, and help to transform your life completely. You will have me as your expert trainer with you in this Weight loss challenge and continuously provide you with the best and healthiest weight loss tips like ``How to lose weight fast``.



If you are ready to implement lifestyle changes with, for example, my quick weight loss exercise plan. You will feel clean and lean! All of my programs will help you form new healthy habits and become part of your NEW lifestyle. Whether you're starting as a competitor or changing over from a meat eater to trying a more plant-based or Vegan way, my program is molded to your exact requirements.


Fat burning program; you can do everything at home!

If you want the best weight loss program, don't look any further. With our online weight loss training, you will be in amazing shape in no time. You don't have to go anywhere! Even if you’re new to this, my weight loss exercise plan at home for beginners will get you quick results. I know how you feel, and you might be a bit skeptical about weight loss, but I promise that with our programs and full support, you will be looking sensational in no time!

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I'm in the best shape of my life, thank you for pushing me Sam, the results are worth it!

Emily Martin
Full time mum

I built a bloody good body and lost body fat all on a vegan diet, who would have thought!

Eddy J
Weight Loss Vegan die

Sam is a miracle worker! I lost 11kgs and I did it without starving myself, THANK YOU SAM!

Sara Morgan
Operations Manager