Weight Loss On A Vegan Diet


Weight Loss On A Vegan Diet



I have been creating vegan meal plans for weight loss and healthy vegan recipes for my clients and seen the amazing results they have achieved.

My e-book “Weight Loss on a Vegan Diet” has all you need to know about weight loss.

It’s 70% diet and 30% workout.

Combining this book with any other workout guide will give you incredible results.

“Weight Loss on a Vegan Diet”  is not about restricting food,

it’s about ensuring your body is fueled throughout the day so you feel energized, healthy, and get closer to your fitness goals.

Focusing on the quality of food will allow you to feel satisfied and see results!

What You Get:

  • Best Foods For Weight Loss
  • Grocery Lists
  • Vegan Recipes
  • Vegan Macros and Micros Info
  • Vegan Meal Plans

This book gives you just about everything you need to know to Achieve Weight Loss Success on a Vegan Diet.