45 minutes x 5 Personal Training Sessions


5 x 60 minutes Online / Face To Face Personal Training Session

1 Custom Workout Plan

Online Support

20% off On Nutrition Consultation with Professionals

Vegan Recipe eBook


What you will get

  • 5 x 45 mins personal training.
  • 1 Custom build workout plans.
  • 1 x 45 free Consultation with me.
  • 20% Off On Nutrition Consultation
  • Vegan Recipe eBook

Working with me one on one will help you with correct form and technique.

When you make your purchase please email me at the following details:






Fitness level

Injuries if any

Medical Conditions If any

Country (for overseas clients)

By having these details I’m able to formulate the best workout plan suited to you.

*Please note if you have any serious medical conditions or pre-existing injuries I recommend you consult with your health practitioner before committing to any exercise routine.