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Stephanie Sandor

Clinical Nutritionist

Stephanie is a degree qualified clinical nutritionist with a Bachelor Of Health Science in Nutrition and a Bachelor of Commerce.  She has a strong focus on plant based diets for treating and preventing many diseases affecting society today including elevated cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.  
Holistic evidence based advise is tailored specifically to each client, addressing both diet and lifestyle.  As a nutritionist, Stephanie can address many health complaints including fatigue, weight loss, perimenopause symptoms, poor sleep and poor digestion to name a few.  
Her passion is educating clients on how fabulous life can be through optimising diet and with a balanced lifestyle. Make a 15 minute complimentary appointment to see how she can help you and get ready to live your best life yet.

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Rachel Huban

Plant Based Pregnancy Specialist

Rachel studied at the Institute of Health Sciences Ireland.
Her goal is to support people to feel confident in having a healthy, well-planned, plant-based pregnancy
There is so much stigma out there about whether or not a plant-based pregnancy is safe. Rachel has specialized in this area to bring awareness to the benefits of pregnancy from a plant-based approach.
She has also done the Plant-Based Nutrition course with the University of Winchester in the UK which was designed by incredible plant-based doctors as well as the Fundamentals of Plant-Based Nutrition course with IHS.
Rachel supports everyone to feel confident and empowered before, during & after pregnancy.
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Rebecca Phillips

Plant Based Dietitian

Rebecca is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with over 20 years experience in a range of clinical areas.

These include paediatrics to geriatrics, pregnancy and infant nutrition, and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, and neurological conditions. Additionally, She has been following a vegan diet for 15 years.

Through her Botanic Nutrition she provide Telehealth Dietitian services across Australia, with Medicare and Private Health Insurance rebates available.

Whether someone is new to vegan eating or is a long term vegan, She provides a client centred, evidence-based approach to assist people to achieve good nutrition.

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Carolyn Revell

Vegan Naturopath

Carolyn practicing as a naturopath for 10 years.
Her consultations combine naturopathic holism with diet, lifestyle and nutritional and herbal medicine. 
She incorporate deep mind-body coaching to help clear your emotional blocks which allows you to connect with your body in a new way.
This powerful combination cultivates feelings of vitality, clarity and energy creating a sense of inspiration that will emerge with a richer picture of who you are.
Nothing is more blissfully satisfying.
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