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Build The Body You Want

My Muscle Building program is designed to build your muscles on a vegan diet naturally. Even if you’re a beginner, my muscle gain program will change your life. I’ve helped hundreds of people to build the body of their dreams with the workout plan to build muscle at home.  They’ve learnt techniques that sculpt and define muscles the safest and best way possible via my bodybuilding workout program. And the best thing is that you can follow the muscle-building program at home. My clients are people just like you! So whether you’re a busy parent, an office worker, a tradie or a complete beginner, this program has exactly what you need to achieve outstanding results!


I’m a strong advocate in training without steroids, and I want to share my knowledge and personal experience so you can benefit from my training techniques. While steroids can get you quick results, it will also have many adverse side effects.

I lost 33 kilos and competed in fitness competitions while being on a vegan diet and being steroid-free. My approach is to eat a very healthy and balanced diet and train as hard as I can.

My Muscle Building workout program is designed and proven to work for all kinds of levels.

From the moment we connect, I will show you how to train the right way with my workout plan to build muscle at home. Whether your goals are for building your muscles or for losing loads of weight, my program is custom designed for your specific goals and body. The techniques that I have developed achieve extraordinary results without steroids whatsoever.


In my workout plan for muscle gain and weight gain, you will get:

  • 2 Custom Built Workout Programs 
  • Online Support
  • 2 x 20 Mins Skype session 
  • Free Vegan Recipe eBook

No matter where you are in your current fitness journey, you have the potential to reach your goals. With good planning, organization, and drive, you too can see excellent results that you only dreamed of.  All you need to do is apply these tried and tested working techniques to break through and elevate your health and fitness to new highs.

My program is open to everybody, it’s not just for vegans or vegetarians. If you’re a little curious about what a vegan diet can do for you, I can demonstrate all the fantastic benefits you will get from adopting this lifestyle that I am happy to share with you.


My gift to you is my ebook “Vegan Recipe Book,” free with your Custom Made Program.

A Good Workout Routine is Individualized Just For You

Before you get physical, we need to get personal because your plan should be individualized to you. No two bodies respond the exact same way to identical diets; each individual has different abilities, needs, and responses when it comes to physical exertion.


Reflect on What Got in the Way of Consistent Exercise in the Past

Have you tried and failed to establish a good fitness routine in the past? If so, think about why you struggled, (did you try to follow mass building workout programs). And you probably didn’t even think about your diet because there are so many things to think of before even starting. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing.


This is a lot of info to process, and it’s understandable if you’re a little overwhelmed. Gaining muscle takes time, a lot of dedication, and really hard work — but it is not rocket science.

The most important thing is that you stay self-motivated and follow the muscle building program that I have created where many people have seen great results with. This is a proven program therefore you don’t have to wait any longer to get that muscly body! The longer you wait the longer it takes! Take the first step now; click HERE to order!

*If you currently have any injuries, please contact me before you proceed to purchase this program, as I will need to identify the best options for you.

What you Get

I'm in the best shape of my life, thank you for pushing me Sam, the results are worth it!

Emily Martin
Full time mum

I built a bloody good body and lost body fat all on a vegan diet, who would have thought!

Eddy J
Weight Loss Vegan die

Sam is a miracle worker! I lost 11kgs and I did it without starving myself, THANK YOU SAM!

Sara Morgan
Operations Manager