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How to Improve sleep, manage hair loss and boost your energy levels – Live healthy

In my Q/A series this week I had a chat with certified Nutrition Advisor Tracy Dsouza.

Tracy’s main focus is to highlight the importance of clean eating and maintaining a balance of the mind,body and soul.

2020 has highlighted the importance of Immunity and how food and exercise are the pillars of overall well-being. I believe in spreading awareness about the same in the most simple ways for all to practice in their day to day lives.

Q.How to improve Sleep ?

Insomnia or lack of quality sleep is an issue that is more common now than ever,also adversely affecting our overall well-being inspite of regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Research has proved that poor sleep habits has negative impact on one’s hormones , exercise performance and also brain function.It can cause weight gain as well as increase the chances of a chronic disease in both adults and children.

how to stop sugar cravings

Here I have a few evidence based tips to improve ones sleep if practiced regularly

1.Try sticking to a sleep schedule

Go to bed and wake up at the same time every night .

Also,set aside no more than eight hours for sleep.

2.Be mindful of what you eat and drink.

Going to bed hungry or even over stuffed is not ideal.Consunming heavy or large meals within a few hours of bedtime is a strict no-no.

Nicotine,alcohol and caffeine deserve caution too.

3.Create a restful environment.

A dark environment helps signal your body that it’s time to rest. You can’t have a restful environment if your bedroom is too hot or too cold. It has to be just right.

Avoid prolonged light emitting screens just before bedtime.

4.Limit daytime naps.

Limit yourself to 30 mins and avoid doing so, late in the day.

If you work nights, however you might need to nap late in the day before work to help make up your sleep debt.

5.Physical activity during the day is a must. 

However,avoid being active too close to bedtime .

6.Manage stress

Try to sleep in a relaxed state of mind and avoid overthinking .

Practising these points will definitely help you sleep better.

Q. How to manage hair loss ?

A lack of the right nutrients including Vitamin A,C,D and E ,Zinc,B vitamins ,iron ,biotin ,protein and essential fatty acids may slow down hair growth or even cause hair loss.

Man eating pizza having a takeaway at home relaxing resting
Man eating pizza having a takeaway at home relaxing resting

Although ,you can’t change factors like age and genetics,diet is one thing you can have control over.

Eating a balanced diet with the right nutrients can help promote hair growth, especially if you’re experiencing hair loss due to poor nutrition.

Listed below are few of the best foods you can incorporate in your diet to promote hair growth



Sweet potato




Sweet peppers



Other reasons for hair loss include extreme stress; physical trauma like surgery or intense illness; dramatic weight loss over a short period of time; and taking too much Vitamin . Also hair loss can occur a couple of weeks to six months after any of these experiences.

Identifying the reason behind hair loss is the best way to tackle the issue.

Q. How to boost your energy levels in natural ways.


Feeling tired and exhausted is lifestyle related concern.With increasingly busy and hectic lives,many people regularly find themselves feeling tired and drained.

With the help of practising a few natural ways ,one can boost their energy levels .

However,If your lack of energy is persistent or causes you concern, seek prompt medical care.

Here are my top recommendations,

1.Get more sleep.

2.Reduce stress

3.More Physical activity

4.Avoid smoking

5.Avoid/limit alcohol

6.Eat a balanced nutritious diet

7.Stay hydrated

8.Avoid added sugar 

9.Be social

Q.Difference between frozen food and fresh food.

Alot of people have the misconception that frozen food lacks in nutrients as compared to fresh foo

Contrary to what you might think, frozen fruits and veggies can be more nutritious, better quality, and cheaper. They also automatically have a longer shelf-life, too!

Fresh food is often picked before the fruit or vegetable is ripe,then packaged ,shipped and stocked.The time from harvesting to your plate could be days,even more than a week.During this time ,the food lose their nutrients.Infac

Fresh fruits typically lose most of their nutrients ,vitamins and minerals in particular three days post picking

On the other hand,frozen food is harvested at peak ripeness and flash frozen within hours.The nutrients are ‘frozen in’ during this process, meaning you can quite easily have more vitamins in a frozen vegetable than in its ‘fresh’ counterpart.In fact, research shows that frozen food generates 47 percent less food waste at home than non-frozen food, so families can save money while still eating healthy meals. In addition to reducing food waste at home, buying frozen food is a great way to cut down on overall food wa

Ideally ,fresh foods should be consumed soono ,as their Nutrition levels start to deteriorate with tim

It’s best to choose a mix of fresh and frozen produce to ensure you get the best range of nutrient

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