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How To Make A High Protein Vegan Meal Plan – Vegan Fitness

Protein is the macro that causes most grief to vegans, and the reason omnivorous bodybuilders state that it's impossible to gain muscle as a vegan. But multiple studies have confirmed that protein from plants is just as effective as protein from animal products. The only thing that makes it a bit more challenging for vegans is hitting the optimal amount of protein every day. How much protein do we need ? Studies recommend that the optimal amount of protein to consume on a plant-based diet is between 1.6 and 2.2 grams per kg of body weight if you want to build muscle. This amount...


How To Build Muscles On A Vegan Diet – Best Tips

This is easier than you think. After all some of our biggest primates are vegetarian! Building muscle and strength is actually pretty simple from a physiological point of view: work out consistently and eat lots of food. If you train hard but don’t eat enough — or eat lots of food but don’t train enough — you probably won’t gain much muscle or get much stronger. This applies to everyone, whether you eat meat or not. One of the great things about plant-based food is that, by volume, it typically contains fewer calories than animal-based foods, allowing us to eat more...

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Top 10 Vegan Metabolism Boosting Food and lifestyle Tips

We all know that one person who can eat whatever they want whenever they want and never gain a kilo! It makes us crazy! It all has to do with metabolism. Metabolism  is the process your body uses to make and burn energy from food. You rely on your metabolism to breathe, think, digest, circulate blood, keep warm in the cold, and stay cool in the heat. Having a higher metabolism can help you lose weight and keep it off, while also giving you more energy. Metabolism slows steadily after age 40. Although you can't control your age, gender, or genetics, there are...


How To Lose weight – 14 Best Tips

Want to know what the secret formula for losing weight is? Ready for it…? CALORIES IN, CALORIES OUT If you were hoping for a magic pill or a magic diet then you’re going to be disappointed. Weight loss boils down to that simple equation.  Eat less than you burn and you’ll lose weight. There is no “one size fits all” solution to permanent healthy weight loss. What works for one person may not work for you, since our bodies respond differently to different foods, depending on genetics and other health factors. Before you rush out and get 3 donuts to have for...

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That’s the million dollar question and most common question I get asked more frequently. There are plenty of vegan sources where you can get protein. Vegans have to know their food / nutrition. A healthy vegan diet should contain whole grains, healthy fats, beans, and lots of vegetables, especially leafy greens. There’s so much variety and flavour in the vegan diet. As a vegan athlete I always add a variety of food in every meal. For breakfast I don’t just eat oats, I also add some healthy fats and protein. If you love adding sugar, add berries or dried fruit. For lunch, broccoli (vitamin...