May 2021

vegan dietitian

Truth about soy – Health benifits and myths.

Really excited to have vegan Nutritionist Stephanie Sandor on board with me. Stephanie is a degree qualified clinical nutritionist with a Bachelor Of Health Science in Nutrition and a Bachelor of Commerce.  She has a strong focus on plant based diets for treating and preventing many diseases affecting society today including elevated cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Holistic evidence based advise is tailored specifically to each client, addressing both diet and lifestyle.  As a nutritionist, Stephanie can address many health complaints including fatigue, weight loss, perimenopause symptoms, poor sleep and poor digestion to name a few.   In my Q/A series we discussed...

vegan dietitian

Best vegan Iron sources & how to reduce food waste.

In my Q/A series this week I had a chat with Vegan Dietitian Rebecca Phillips. A vegan diet offers numerous health benefits, avoids harm to animals, and is beneficial for the environment. However, while a vegan diet can provide all the nutrition needed to be healthy, it's important that it is properly planned. As a vegan Dietitian, Rebecca enjoy helping people of all ages achieve their nutrition goals and learn how to meet their nutritional needs with a vegan diet.  She is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with over 20 years experience in a range of clinical areas. These include  Paediatrics to geriatrics, Pregnancy...