January 2021

Sam Vas

How to Improve sleep, manage hair loss and boost your energy levels – Live healthy

In my Q/A series this week I had a chat with certified Nutrition Advisor Tracy Dsouza. Tracy's main focus is to highlight the importance of clean eating and maintaining a balance of the mind,body and soul. 2020 has highlighted the importance of Immunity and how food and exercise are the pillars of overall well-being. I believe in spreading awareness about the same in the most simple ways for all to practice in their day to day lives. Q.How to improve Sleep ? Insomnia or lack of quality sleep is an issue that is more common now than ever,also adversely affecting our overall well-being inspite...

Q & A with Vegan Dietitian Ebony McCorkell – Benefits Of Vegan Diet.

I sat down with dietitian extraordinaire Ebony to get her take on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and tips for how to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Here’s a little bit about Ebony in her own words. I am a passionate foodie and cook. Prior to becoming a dietitian I studied Patisserie, learning the arts of pastry, breadmaking, confectionary, and even dabbled in chocolatiering. This course of study helped me to really appreciate the importance of food from a social and pleasure lens. I carry this knowledge with me in my practice today. Aside from food I love the beach, swimming,...